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ballerinas that have fins that you'll never find...

seems like ballet class has been moved to mondays and wednesdays, not tuesdays and thursdays. i guess it really makes little difference to me. and we will go tomorrow to sit in and then thurs to buy outfits. i can't wait. it will be really good to get in shape. finally. i feel like i can move some of the crap that's been in my life aside and make room for the good things and the things that will eventually make my life really good.

the boss is barely speaking to me today. i swear that woman changes moods constantly. i never know what to expect or what i did or didn't do. whatever. she will not piss me off.

so, i did big grocery shopping the other day. and i bought some luna bars. i had tried them before when my coworker dawn was on one of her atkins diet cycles and i went with her to buy her protein bars. and it was good the luna bar, but i didn't really remember what it did. so last night, not wanting to eat more pasta with shrimp that i'd made for lunch and for lunch today, i was really hungry and decided to eat one and see. 180 calories and it filled me up for dinner and breakfast today! unbelievable! that's pretty damn good.



i prefer the lemon and the smores ones. don't find that they fill me up, though.

Re: luna

yes, i had a smores one and it was amazing how much it filled me up. are you one of those people that are always hungry and can always eat but don't gain weight?


yeah, i'm often pretty damned hungry. i can eat and eat...but the hunger never really goes away. it gets tiring. but i guess that's why luna bars don't work on me - i just burn them off. i still eat 'em though.


I love your picture! What a wonderful, frazzeled Howie!

Yum, Howie.

Thanks! Lots more where that came from. You can find 'em on his webpage - and they're just about the right size...

Yum-Howie: is that a pedophiliac statment, considering the circumstances? :-b

you like cello and indian food.


adding you to my friends list if that's cool.


that's cool, i'll add you on so you can actually read what i post!

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