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Congratulations, you're Los Angeles, the City of
What US city are you? Take the quiz by Girlwithagun.


yeah, apparently i'm san francisco. i guess i really am a gay man trapped in a woman's body.
i'm surprised i wasn't san francisco or new orleans...but the more i think about it, i really am la...i really should go out there and see it, i think i'd love it. i've thought about it for years, but have never quite made it there.


well you can stop by and visit me in vegas on your way! :D


live journal code

hi, im new to lj..and i just clicked on the random thing and ur lj popped up..so i was wondering if i could get a code from u? if u could email me back at simplyxbliss@hotmail.com with a code or somethin itd be much appreciated. thanx ;D

Re: live journal code

sorry but i just gave one away and it won't regenerate another one for me.
Good Quiz. I'm adding you to my friends list. We seem to have some of the same interests. Let me know if that's OK.
that's ok...i'll add you back.
Cool. :) BTW I posted the city quiz on my LJ.




I can't remember- Is this you Faye? Hi, this is Emma. Remember me? Yeah, I'm the one that blew you off two months ago 'cuz I got stuck in NYC for forever with my used-to-be-best friend. Fear not! I am coming back on December 5th! Yeah! I don't have your number or Sita's or anybody else 'cuz I don't have a cell phone anymore. Have you been to Foley's lately? Can you believe that I haven't been to Foley's in over 4 months!!!!!!!! Wow! I have to get my braces off on the 9th of December so I'll be SUPER EMMA! Woooooooohoooooooo! Did you know Canadians do not pronouce "Z" as Z, rather Z is pronounced "Zed" . I've got some looney tooney next to me at the moment and I think I have to move. AHHHHHHHHH.



Yes, this is me...you know, you're on my friends list so you can read more than these silly public posts...

anyway, yes, come visit! i've become a regular at foley's since you left. maria is visiting in december too. the whole gang can reunite. i'll email you with my # on friendster...
Hi there. I was browsing around and saw that we have some interests in common :) I added you, hope that's okay.

Here's a little about me and about my journal. If you think we are compatible, add me back ;)

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